Offering help, hope and healing to children and families impacted by child abuse.

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Our community cares about kids, and we share the responsibility for ensuring they have every opportunity to grow up safe, happy and healthy lives.

Coming together to end child abuse

Everyone wants to live in a world where children are safe from physical and sexual abuse. Sadly, we don’t. The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada leads the way to offer hope, help and healing to children, youth and families impacted by abuse. In this amazing place, the innovation, collaboration and compassion of our entire community comes together — working toward the day when no child is abused.

You can be part of this groundbreaking initiative. Donate today, join the conversationbecome a member of our community and show that, as a community, we care about our kids.

Coming together for our kids

The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre demonstrates every day what’s possible when professionals, corporate champions, community members and government work together to support children, youth and families impacted by child physical and sexual abuse, and to put an end to abuse.

Providing integrated services at one place

This groundbreaking not-for-profit Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, brings together more than 95 professionals from six partner organizations to wrap services around children, youth and families. It blends investigation, treatment, prevention, education and research with expertise to help people through an exceptionally difficult time.

We do things differently so that we can make a profound difference

We are pioneering new ways to work together and in doing so are setting a new standard and strengthening our collective ability to help children, youth and families live healthy and productive lives.

Creating a Centre of Excellence

Our goal is to develop an integrated model that provides the very best services to children, youth and families impacted by abuse. Our aim is to become a Centre of Excellence specializing in leading practices, training, community awareness, education and research focused on child abuse, known across Canada and around the world for the work we do and impact we have.

We are moving forward to the day when...

The issue of child abuse no longer hides in the shadows.

Our entire community owns the responsibility to value and look out for our children and youth.

All perpetrators are brought to justice.

Children, youth and families have access to all the support they require, in the way that best meets their needs.