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It’s difficult to comprehend that there is a need for the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre in the Calgary community. But unfortunately, as the health care teams at both the Alberta Children’s Hospital and the Community Health service know, identifying those children at risk and providing care and treatment to children who are victims of abuse is an important part of the health services that we provide.

Since its inception in 1922, the Alberta Children’s Hospital has been providing excellence in caring for children and families in Calgary and area communities. To this day, the hospital excels in providing quality care to children and their families. The Community Health team has also been a long-standing service provided within the Alberta health system, and responds immediately to community concerns related to children who suffer from neglect or abuse. Both teams, as part of Alberta Health Services, excel in leading innovations and improvements in the delivery of health care services.

The CAC is one such way that we excel in innovative methods of health care delivery. It offers a new avenue for children and families dealing with abuse to better access the care and treatment available through AHS as well as the social, police and justice services they need in a more timely and cohesive manner, and all in one location. Bringing together six agencies, and the professionals who work in each of these organizations, will ensure families receive help to not only navigate the system, but to find hope and healing.

Alberta Health Services is committed to serving Alberta’s communities and, in particular, children in high-risk situations living within the Calgary Zone. AHS is excited about working together with partnering agencies in this new way to help improve the care provided to patients and families.

Margaret Fullerton, RN, BScN
Senior Operating Officer
Alberta Children's Hospital
Alberta Health Services