Our Purpose

The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre exists because our community cared, took collective ownership of the critical issue of child abuse and believed we all have the responsibility to do something about it.

We believe that healthy communities protect their most vulnerable — that when we protect our children and break the stigma and silence of child abuse, we create safer and healthier communities now and for generations to come.

Helping kids: Child Advocacy Centres

Since the first Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) was launched in the U.S. in 1985, CACs have become recognized internationally as an effective and efficient way to support child and youth victims of sexual and physical assault. CACs increase collaboration, reduce costs and speed up prosecutions. The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre is one of 25 CACs across Canada.

We are a partnership among key organizationscommunity leaderscorporate and individual champions, and government. Together, we share a passion for supporting children, youth and families who have been traumatized by abuse, for increasing the awareness of the issue and for stopping child abuse.

Our progress has been made possible by partners and supporters who are determined to help our kids.

Vision – To create a community that responds collectively to child abuse, and empowers those who are impacted by child abuse to lead healthy and productive lives.

Mission – Our multi-disciplinary approach treats abused children, youth and their families; supports their recovery; seeks to stop the cycle of abuse and is dedicated to bringing perpetrators to justice.