There is strength in partnership, and we are very proud to be a part of the team at The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre. By uniting our efforts and working with health and social services, Crown prosecutors, and other police services, we are able to lessen the impact an investigation can have on a child who has already suffered a great deal of trauma.

A police officer is frequently the first point of contact for a child experiencing physical or sexual abuse. Children are hurt and frightened, often confused by the abuse that they have suffered, and steps that begin once they have had the courage to come forward. The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre is a safe haven for victims, and a place where police and partner agencies can work together to assist victims throughout the legal process in a safe and supportive environment.

In a world where not all children live without fear, The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre is a beacon of hope. While child abuse continues to infect and weaken our communities, we can work together to help victims, educate citizens and work towards a society where abuse – of any kind – will not be tolerated. The Alberta RCMP is looking forward to collaborating with all of our partners at the centre, and is extremely honoured to be a part of an initiative driven by compassion and understanding for those who have such a small voice, yet suffer such great trauma.

D/Commr. Marianne Ryan
Commanding Officer, Alberta RCMP