Sweat for a Cause

Join Apryl Dawn and instructors across Calgary as we sweat for a cause during the month of April to raise awareness for the Sheldon Kennedy Centre for Child Advocacy and help break the silence associated with child abuse. 

"I want to shine light on the subject of child abuse, so that people realize we can talk about it. The sooner we create the conversation, the sooner a child can get help, or even stop someone from continuing or even starting the cycle." ~ Apryl Dawn

Donations are welcomed at each class. Full schedule here:

Week 1:
April 3, 8PM - Moksha Yoga Calgary North
April 4, 3:30PM - Breathe Hot Yoga Avenida, Apryl Dawn

Week 2:
April 10, 6:15PM - Karma Yoga Calgary, Kate Love
April 10, 8PM - Moksha Yoga Calgary North

April 11, 1PM - Yoga In Bowness
April 11, 1:30 - Union Athletica, Jennifer Mehalko
April 12, 4PM - Karma Yoga Calgary
April 12, 11:30AM - Studio Revolution Fitness, Little Shredders
April 12, 4PM - Studio Revolution Fitness, Mallory Chapman
April 12, 9:30AM - Spoke(n) Spin, Tish Duffy

Week 3:
April 14, 6PM - lululemon 4th St Run Club, Raf Lopez
April 17, 8PM - Moksha Yoga Calgary North
April 17, 5:45PM - Junction 9, Jilaine Beddoe, Kate Mak & Jennifer Mehalko
April 17, 7:45PM - HotShop Victoria Park

April 18, 1PM - Yoga In Bowness
April 19, 2PM - Yoga Santosha, Kate Mak
April 19, 4:30PM - Karma Yoga Calgary
April 19, 6PM - YYC Cycle, Andrew Obrecht

Week 4:
April 22, 6:15PM - Inspired Yoga Institute, Alice Hong
April 23, 1:30PM - Soul Hot Yoga, Crystal May
April 24, 8PM - Moksha Yoga Calgary North

April 25, 1PM - Yoga In Bowness

April 25, 5PM-6PM Yogadown Okotoks

April 25 - 3:30PM - HotShop Silverado, Yoga by Kelly Saunders & Spin by Alison McIntyre
April 26, 4:30PM - Karma Yoga Calgary
April 26, 1PM - Yoga Passage, Apryl Dawn
April 26, 7PM - Yoga Mandala, Sara Villamil
April 26, 10AM - 2110 Fitness, Jonathan Campbell

Week 5:
April 29, 7:30 - Soul Hot Yoga, Spin Barre, Kristie Schneider
April 30, 6PM - Spin - HotShop Northwest, Spin, Allie Tiangco
April 30, 6:15PM - HotShop Northwest, Apryl Dawn