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The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre is transforming how current systems respond to the issue of child abuse and trauma, and is pioneering efforts to educate the community about the impacts of abuse and trauma. Child abuse is a prominent issue in Canada that warrants public awareness and requiresthe attention of those who can impact change.

The film will be used by the Centre to teach front-line service providers, policy-makers and organizational leaders across disciplines about child abuse and trauma, and the impact on brain development and how this information advances integrated practice to support healing and recovery.

Sheldon, now an Order of Canada recipient, has become an inspiration and advocate to millions of child abuse survivors around the world. He is a committed, outspoken child advocate with a mission to shed light on the hard issues, while uniting the public in an effort to influence positive change around child protection.

This film provides an opportunity to bring solution-focused conversations to the national level. The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre is very proud of Sheldon for his leadership and courageous tenacity. The Centre is honoured to have him not only on its Board as the Lead Director, but as the namesake of the Centre.

The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre brings together people and organizations who are making a profound difference in how the issue of child abuse is discussed; setting new standards for leading practice; supporting children, youth and families impacted by abuse; and rallying people and communities to prevent abuse.

The Centre thanks you for your generous and continued support. 


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