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Helping kids: Child Advocacy Centres

Since the first Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) was launched in the U.S. in 1985, CACs have become recognized internationally as an effective and efficient way to support child and youth victims of sexual and physical assault. CACs increase collaboration, reduce costs and speed up prosecutions. The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre is one of 25 CACs across Canada.


Making a difference for children, youth and families

The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre brings together our entire community’s resources to help children, youth and families who are impacted by abuse.

Working together in one place and under one roof creates an environment in which collaboration thrives and capacity grows. A standard-setting joint practice framework enables the Centre and our partners to provide multi-disciplinary and comprehensive services that wrap around children, youth and families. Integrated case plans are developed for each child, working toward the best possible outcomes. 


Stress and fear are reduced, help is provided and healing begins more quickly when children, youth and families impacted by abuse receive the support they need from one place — when they tell their story once.

Read about the Centre's achievements made possible thanks to the support of corporate champions, individuals, partners and government:

2014-15 Report to the Community                        2013–14 Report to the Community 


Services focus on all aspects of child abuse 

The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre working together with our six partner organizations continues to build on our strengths in:


Taking immediate action when evidence confirms that children and youth are being abused, ensuring victims receive support and perpetrators are brought to justice.


Providing medical and psychological services that support the victims of abuse, so children and families can begin to heal.


Inviting the community to engage in the conversation about child abuse and inspiring action to stop abuse before it starts.


Increasing awareness and knowledge about child abuse so people recognize abuse and know how to respond, and growing the collective expertise of all CAC partners.


Growing the worldwide knowledge base about child abuse, leading to evidence based practice.


Engaging ethnic communities to open new avenues of dialogue and develop relationships that best meet needs. 

The Centre’s services include:

  • investigations and forensic interviews
  • victim advocacy, support and follow-up
  • court preparation and support
  • specialized medical evaluation and treatment
  • specialized trauma-focused mental health services
  • case review and monitoring
  • enhanced training for staff, students and key stakeholders
  • development of outcome measurement and research
  • community education and prevention


Our roadmap for the future is Moving Forward: Strategic Directions 2013–2016, which outlines our prime areas of focus: preventing abuse, supporting victims, championing best practices, respecting diversity and establishing a Centre of Excellence.