Therapy available at the CAC

Therapy at the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre is provided through the Child Abuse Service, Alberta Health Services. A child, youth and family can access therapy services directly and do not have to be involved in an active investigation of child abuse. Individual, family and group therapy is available and determination of what type of therapy is received is based on the needs of the child and family following the intake process.  

To find out more information about therapy services, contact Child Abuse Service Intake at 403-428-5375.


Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre Victim Support Program

Supporting children, youth and families throughout their experience with the CAC is a core service provided through the Centre.  Victim Support Program will ensure every family who connects with the CAC receives the support they require for as long as needed.  Victim Support Program does not provide counselling, specific legal advice, investigation, or medical intervention.  The Victim Support Program is led by the program Coordinator who recruits, trains and supports volunteer Victim Support Advocates who provide support, information and referrals to families involved with the CAC.

To find out more about the Victim Support Program, contact Victim Support Coordinator at 403-428-5408.